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The Openmining Blockchain Computing Platform

The rise of blockchain technology and applications is dramatically changing the landscape of modern computing infrastructures. At Openmining, we believe that blockchain computing is a groundbreaking computing paradigm that will reshape human civilization and evolve into a fundamental and pervasive building block of modern society.

Openmining is committed to enable an open planetary-scale computing ecosystem for future blockchain computing. We are working towards a high performance, elastic and secure computing platform on top of decentralized data centers that can serve as a fundamental computing infrastructure in the era of blockchain computing. The technologies we are working on include high performance algorithms, domain specific hardware accelerators and large scale blockchain computing infrastructures. We aim to work with data centers, developers and enterprises worldwide to enable an open blockchain computing ecosystem.




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Meet the Team

Founded by previous research scientists and engineers from top silicon valley technology companies, the Openmining team aims to solve the most challenging problems in enabling an open blockchain computing platform. Our founding members bring world-class expertises in high performance computing, cloud computing, herterogeneous accelerators and large scale web services into blockchain computing.

Dr. Jiannan Ouyang


Dr. Ouyang is an expert in operating systems for high performance computing. He was previously research scientist at Facebook and a founding member of a Facebook stealth-mode connectivity initiative. Dr. Ouyang received his Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh.

Brian Sun


Dr. Xinxin Mei

Research Scientist

Dr. Mei is an expert in GPU performance and power optimization. She published 5 first-author research papers at well-recognized conferences on the topic of GPU memory hierarchy dissecting and energy conservation. Dr. Mei received her Ph.D from Hong Kong Baptist University.

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